Documentary Critique Paper

Documentary Critique Paper

For this assignment, you will write a 3-4 page analytical Critique paper on the Documentary we watch in class. You are to include any relevant comparisons to the readings, as well as any pertinent ideas or points in regards to the film and your interpretation of it. Please follow all font and spacing guidelines outlined in the Syllabus. You will want to write about the objective of the film, what it was trying to convey to the watcher and if it was successful in conveying that information. You will also pay attention to the sources used. Is the documentarian relying on only 1 source (that would be bad) or hearsay (that would also be bad)? Or are they using multiple sources, people and other primary sources to give a complete picture (that would be good). Who were these sources? You would write about what you learned etc. Be specific in your examples (it’s most likely a good idea to take notes!). Also make sure to mention if the film broadened your understanding of the topic in question. Make sure all quotes are properly documented otherwise you’ve plagiarized


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