Dominican American Literature

Dominican American Literature

Answer the questions fully, support your answers with evidence, analysis, examples and quoting from the texts. When quoting do not forget to write author/page number. Questions are based on the readings done from (Silvio Torres Saillant, Juan González, Rhina P. Espaillat and Ed Morales).

1. What does define a Dominican American? (Silvio Torres Saillant)

2. What did characterize the Dominican migration in the XIX century according to Silvio Torres Saillant. Who was able to migrate at that time?

3. Has New York been part of the imaginary in the Dominican Literature? Mention at least two titles and its argument. (Silvio Torres Saillant)

4. What are the main arguments of Juan González article, “From The Duarte to The George Washington Bridge”? Bullet point main ideas.

5. How does Rhina P. Espaillat define the identity process? Explain.

6. What do you understand for “border thinking” (Gloria Anzaldúa)? What is Morales´s position toward this term? (140- 142) 

7. How is the market currently addressing Latinx? (Morales 149-150)


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