Drugs and Behavior_ College Drinking_ Webpage Review

Drugs and Behavior_ College Drinking_ Webpage Review

Webpage Review #1 (NIAAA College Drinking Prevention) Guidelines

Visit and explore the NIAAA’s College Drinking Prevention webpage:

After thoroughly reviewing this webpage, answer the questions below. DO NOT REWRITE QUESTIONS. Just number them 1, 2, 3,

Be brief and completely answer the questions. Some of the questions will require you to click on additional links on the original webpage to gain further information.

NOTE: You must answer the questions in your own words..

1. Summarize and discuss the statistics about the prevalence and consequences of alcohol use by college students in the <link is hidden>

a. What do these statistics mean to you?

b. How consistent/inconsistent do you think these statistics are with USM students’

drinking? PSY 435 (Drug & Behavior) classmate/students’ drinking?

2. Complete the interactive body activity at

a. What did you learn from this activity?

b. Briefly describe important points related to the effects of alcohol on the lungs, heart,

stomach, kidneys, and pancreas.

3. Pretend you were charged with the task of better educating USM students about drinking alcohol as a college student. Based on your review of the NIAAA’s College Drinking Prevention webpage, what would you say to these students? Include at least 3 points or facts that you learned during your review of this webpage


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