Each student will be responsible for developing a written philosophy of nursing

Each student will be responsible for developing a written philosophy of nursing. Most successful career people develop a philosophy about their field of endeavor and their place in it. Nurses should have a philosophy that clearly articulates their ideas about person, health, nursing, environment, and education. A philosophy evolves and changes as the individual matures and/or learns more about him/herself and his/her profession. In NUR 330 you are asked to write your personal philosophy for professional nursing practice.

Writing a philosophy is not an easy task. In order to write a philosophy each person must examine his/her own belief system. Most people find that one’s own beliefs are so much a part of self that beliefs are hard to put into words. You will find it easier to write the philosophy after you have explored other nursing philosophies. Following the statements of philosophy written by others may be useful guides but your philosophy should be uniquely your own.

Grading for this assignment will be based on your ability to articulate your own beliefs and not on the content of these beliefs unless they are internally inconsistent. Refer to the Grading Rubric for Personal Philosophy of Professional Nursing. Grading will also include adherence to APA format, organization of your paper (including headings and subheadings), clear statement of focus, development of the major concepts, and mechanics (correct spelling and grammar). You will be evaluated on the extent to which you address and develop the major concepts. A well written philosophy paper in this course may run 3-5 pages or more in length (not counting a title page, abstract, and reference page).

Your beginning philosophy of professional nursing practice should include the following major


1. Beliefs about the nature of person, environment, health, nursing, and education.

2. Most important characteristics of a professional nurse.

3. Most important values that you uphold and are important as a professional nurse.

4. Describe your beliefs about the ethics of nursing practice (<link is hidden> discuss your beliefs about individual responsibility and accountability to practice nursing ethically).

5. Explain why or how you came to the above values and beliefs.

Please be sure to use these major concepts as a sub heading or subsection to organize the writing in your paper. (Follow the rubric in this syllabus). Submit your completed assignment under the Assignment tab.

The following resources may be useful to you in developing your personal philosophy of leadership.

Alpers, R. R., Jarrell, K, & Wotring, R. (2013). Developing a philosophy of nursing: A first step to becoming a professional. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 8, 162-163. Retrieved from

No Author (2016). Nursing Philosophy Examples. New Health Advisor. Retrieved


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