You are to write 5 pages about 1. During the semester we have watched 4 very important interviews with key government officials who have elaborated on “new” US trade policies.(it’s about this 2 contries China and South Korea) They have outlined the main countries currently in dispute with the US, the prominent trading issues facing the US, who the main actors are with respect to these issues, what measures have been taken, and the reason for taking these particular actions. a. Please identify at least two countries that these key government officials have discussed, their correspondent issues, who were the main US government officials explaining these issues, what has been done, and the reason for the actions taken as a result. 2. Fred Bergsten and Joseph Gagnon, in their book, have set the parameters to understand and identify currency conflicts and impacts on trade. (book a. Please explain and define currency conflict b. What are the main effects/problems with a currency conflict? c. How or when can country be identified as a “currency manipulator”? That is, what constitutes manipulation? Make sure you explain at least 2 of the characteristics that labels a country as being a “manipulator”. i. Countries that manipulate currencies are divided in three groups by the authors. Please explain these groups and why each country can be categorized in each group. d. According to the authors, what are the options available to respond to manipulation? i. Please list them all, then pick and explain just one 3. James Rickards explains the meaning of a currency war. In class, we discussed the economic domestic circumstances that “forces” government officials to resort to currency devaluation. Please make sure you also explain it using the GDP formula. 4. Based on your second assignment and using Benjamin Cohen’s book. a. Please identify if the currency of your country that can be considered an international currency. i. If it cannot be considered an international currency, please explain why by referring to this book. In addition to your reasoning, explain what should be done to strengthen its position in becoming an international currency. ii. If your currency is an international currency, please explain why or why not you believe that your currency will be able to maintain its leadership. What should actions should be taken?


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