Education through remote learning- A necessity or a privilege?

Education through remote learning- A necessity or a privilege? I would like this research paper to be also compare how different countries deal with remote learning. I would like to explore this topic because I think it involves economic injustice. Coming from Romania, the poverty level is extremely high and many kids don’t even have access to electricity or heat. With this global pandemic, most countries have adopted remote learning, but there are families who can’t afford internet or computers for their children. Should they not have access to education because they can’t afford a laptop? or should governments come up with better solutions for everyone, including the poor?

Write a formal research paper of 2,250 – 3,250 words (12pt, double space, 1” margin, conformed to the writing style of your major) reflecting on some current injustice that impacts the world today and connects with your major area of study. The paper should demonstrate: 1) rigorous and careful research regarding the situation, 2) various perspectives on the injustice, and 3) possible responses to the problem. You may approach this paper from a theological perspective (describing how the church ought to respond) or from an ethical perspective (how anybody ought to perceive and respond to the situation). In either case, students should demonstrate a solid grasp of the way ethical theory and/or social justice views operate with respect to the topic (<link is hidden> which theory you are using to address a problem and how ethical theory/social justice views identifies or evaluates the injustice). Significant deductions will be incurred for poor formatting, failure to follow directions and lack of adequate research.

Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, readability, consistency of notations/spacing/pagination (50 points)
Quality of research, accuracy of citations, connection of thesis to the scholarly field, use of primary sources (50 points)
Logical connectedness of the paragraphs/points, visibility of a structure/outline, transitions between points/paragraphs (50 points)
Thesis development, quality of argument, appropriate length/word count, and strength of conclusions (50 points)
Presentation (150 points)
Total Points: 350

Since this is a “research paper” students should utilize 7-10 sources in writing a unique thesis about a meaningful topic related to the course.


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