Election 2020 – The Democrats and the Republicans

Election 2020 – The Democrats and the Republicans

Election 202 – The Democrats and the RepublicansCourse Paper  HSC 10 D06 51352 &  HSC 10 E01 507161 | Page HSC 10 Course PapeAssignment: Course Paper due by October 29, 2020 Topic: Election 2020 – The Democrats and the RepublicansHow to approach paper:  You are a community organizer and you have been asked to write a report for your local community group.  This paper is your report to the community group.Content: During this Fall 2020 semester, we are in the midst of a Presidential Election.  Voting will take place, and if all goes according to plan, as it historical has in the past, we will elect a President. Many say this election ranks high up there as one of the most significant of our times.  Mostly because as a nation, we have become so polarized and divided. A major theme throughout this course will examine one of our society’s major institution, the polity……a form of government of a nation, state, church, or organization.  United States claims to be …..a government by the people, and for the people. In reality, are we? This is a point that can be well debated. What we do know is that the two leading political parties, the Democrat and the Republican parties along with their base have alternated back and forth in setting the agenda for the country.  This assignment is an opportunity to explore more the ideas and principles involved in our election process.  The course paper has the following five (5) areas of focus that must be covered.1.Compare and contrast the Democrat and the Republican parties.  Identify at least (3)three ideological differences between the parties.  What do the parties represent, what do they stand for?2.Define, examine, and evaluatethe Democrats and the Republican’s platform/agendafor this election year 2020 – What is the Democrats’ agenda, and likewise for the Republicans what do they want to do. Listen to the news, read newspapers, explore various websites, and determine how both the Democrats and Republicans are aiming to achieve their goals over the course of the next several years. 3.Of the items choose in question #2 above, select (3) three agenda items/issue that specifically will have animpact on human services, your chosen profession.   From your perspective, what potential impact will it have on the county if the proposed agendas are implement / carried out.

Election 202 – The Democrats and the RepublicansCourse Paper  HSC 10 D06 51352 &  HSC 10 E01 507162 | Page HSC 10 Course Pape4.How can more people be engaged in the process to actually make it a government for the people by the people. 5.Conclude the paper by stating your feelings on the process.  •What do you feel is the most important issue and why.  •Include your opinion if the parties are on point and have a good handle on what is actually important to the masses / majority of people in the country.•Are the issues and concerns you have being addressed? If  not, what should be included? Your assignments must follow these formatting requirements:1.Paper length 5-6 pages, typed, double spaced, using Times Roman font (size 12), with on-inch margins on all sides; reference must follow APA format.  If you are not familiar with APA, please go online and research. 2.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, student’s name, instructor’s name, the course title and the date.  The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.3.Use technology and information resource to reach issues discussed.  All resource must be sited using APA format. This includes listing all sources referenced in a bibliography.NOTE: This paper assignment must be an original work, write in your own words, TURNITIN will be used to check for plagiarism


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