EN 102 Essay #1: Comparative Essay on Short Fiction

EN 102 Essay #1: Comparative Essay on Short Fiction 

In a well-developed essay, connect two of the stories we have read by exploring one of the topics listed below.  The best essays will feature a strong central idea, clear organization, and carefully written sentences.  In addition, they will incorporate many details (mostly paraphrased, occasionally quoted) from both texts to support the points made.  You do not need any outside sources to complete this assignment.  Choose one of the following topics:

1.  Discuss the concept of epiphany and the occurrence of an epiphanic

     moment in the conclusion of two of the stories we have read.  Compare and

     contrast these moments.

2.  Investigate the role of persuasion in two stories.  Who are the persuaders,   

     and who is being persuaded? How do these stories demonstrate the power

     of rhetoric?

3.  Examine the element of setting in two stories.  How, for example, are

     these stories’ characters shaped by their surroundings?  How are their

     thoughts and actions influenced by their environment?

4.  In two stories we have studied, explore the relationship between each

     story’s title and your interpretation of the story’s central theme.  What 

     aspect or aspects of the story are emphasized when you focus on the title?

Essay workshops during our live class sessions:

10/1- Analyzing sample student work; quoting in the MLA style.

10/5- Constructing your Works Cited page in MLA style

10/8- Completed Essay Due.  Please upload a copy of your essay in Blackboard “Assignments” before 6pm on Thursday, October 8th.  Blackboard registers the time that the essay is submitted. Late papers will be penalized a half letter grade per day for every day the essay is late. Please plan ahead so that you finish your work on time.

*Requirements- (attention to detail makes all of the difference!)

•             3-4 pgs., typed, double spaced, numbered pages

•             Include a heading with your name, my name, and the class name

•             Include your own title (be creative!)

•             MLA format (Internal Citations, Works Cited)


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