Essay Three: In Back to the Future, Doc Brown and Marty McFly go to the year 2015

Essay Three: In Back to the Future, Doc Brown and Marty McFly go to the year 2015. Even though the hoverboards haven’t materialized, we have come a long way since the 1980s. Write a persuasive essay about drones, self-driving cars, nanotechnology, robots, or a prediction of future technology (flying cars?). At least two sources must be used and cited in the text of the paper and listed on the works-cited page, including at least two articles from EBSCOhost. Do not use “you” or “I” in this paper, no first-person singular or second-person pronouns at all. (Length: 6 pages min, includes works cited page)

Persuasive Essay Outline

Introductory Paragraph: Include a strong thesis statement. (A thesis statement is a complete sentence, not a phrase.) The thesis should be your opinion about your topic. It should be narrow enough so that you can prove it in your essay. It is what you want your reader to believe, the main point you are making. Everything in the paper will support that assertion. If you find yourself wanting to include information that does not directly relate to or support your thesis, consider adjusting your thesis. In your introduction, you can give background information. You can use a startling statistic or example or an interesting anecdote to get your reader interested.

What do you want to include in the intro?

Thesis Statement (place at end of intro):

Body Paragraph I. The first reason for the reader to believe your thesis:

Body Par. II. Second reason:

Body Par. III. Third Reason:

Conclusion: Do NOT bring up a new support point. If you think of another support point (reason), insert a fourth body paragraph. You may want to write about the implications of what you have said or speculate about the future. If summarizing, refer to each main point. You can echo an idea from the intro. What do you want to include in your conclusion?


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