Evaluation Essay: How resistance to immigration affect political alliance or Cultural Diversity?

Evaluation Essay: How resistance to immigration affect political alliance or Cultural Diversity?

Please Use 5 Scholarly Sources.



20 points


17 points


15 points


12 points


1 point

Criterion Score

Unity, Organization, and Coherence

The thesis clearly and completely addresses the assignment.

Topic sentences establish clear links to the thesis.

There is a convincing and appropriate progression of ideas and organizational pattern.

The thesis controls the direction of the essay. There may be minor lapses in focus, development and complexity of thought.

For the most part, paragraphs are unified.

The essay shows a logical progression of ideas and connections, though some logical connections may be faulty.

The thesis is apparent and generally controls the direction and development of the essay.

There are lapses in paragraph development, focus and unity.

The essay lists its points and has awkward or overly simple transitions.

The essay develops paragraphs that are not clearly related to the main idea.

Organization is apparent but exhibits lapses which do not impede understanding.

The essay has a thesis that is too vague or obvious.

The thesis does not adequately control the development of the essay or demonstrate depth of thought.

Topic sentences are not apparent. Paragraphs lack a central focus. The essay has random organization.

The essay incorporates paragraphs not relating to the thesis.

The essay lacks a thesis statement or the thesis statement inadequately addresses the topic / assignment.

The majority of paragraphs lack focus and/or connection to the central idea.

The essay has no appreciable organization.

The essay lacks transitions and coherence.

/ 20


The essay demonstrates clear, thorough, and logical analysis of the subject as well as sophisticated thought.

The essay acknowledges any contradictions, qualifications, or limits to its thesis.

The essay demonstrates an understanding of its sources and critically evaluates them.

The essay appropriately limits and defines its terms.

The essay partially acknowledges the complexity of its central idea and the possibility of other points of view.

The essay shows careful reading of sources, but may not always evaluate them.

The essay often limits or defines terms.

The essay presents central ideas in general terms.

The essay does not acknowledge other views.

The essay shows basic comprehension of sources, but with some lapses of thought.

The essay attempts to define terms, but sometimes lacks clarity

The essay does not have a clear central idea or does not respond clearly to the topic.

The essay indicates that the writer may have misunderstood sources.

The essay neglects to use sources where necessary.

The essay goes off-topic.

The essay uses inappropriate or no rhetorical strategies, analysis, and/or sound logic.

/ 20

Sources and Documentation

The essay fully develops its supporting points, using relevant rhetorical strategies, effective analysis, compelling evidence, and good sources.

The essay displays correct use of MLA formatting, documentation and citation with few, if any, errors.

The essay develops its supporting points using relevant rhetorical strategies, solid analysis, convincing evidence, and appropriate sources.

The essay displays correct use of MLA formatting, documentation and citation with a few errors.

The essay develops its points adequately using rhetorical strategies and some analysis and evidence, which includes some good sources.

The essay relies on narration, description, disconnected facts, and/or generalizations, may assume that evidence speaks for itself, and may have lapses in logic.

The essay displays adequate use of MLA formatting, documentation and citations but may contain repetitive errors.

The essay develops its supporting points inadequately, lacking rhetorical strategies, analysis, appropriate evidence, and/or sources

The essay relies on clichés or overgeneralizations and uses insufficient evidence. It tends to offer summary or narrative in place of analysis.

The essay displays improper/inconsistent use of MLA formatting, documentation and citations.

Supporting points are poorly developed.

The essay uses irrelevant details or lacks supporting evidence.

The essay is unduly brief.

The essay displays absent or limited use of MLA formatting, documentation and/or citations.

/ 20

Grammar, Style, and Mechanics

Sentences are varied, clearly structured, and carefully focused and almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Language is appropriate and professional.

Sentences are generally clear well structured, and focused—although some sentences may be awkward.

Language is accurate and effective.

The essay may contain a few errors that distract the reader but do not impede understanding.

The essay uses some inaccurate language or vague wording.

The essay contains several mechanical errors.

The essay employs grammatical sentence structure but has wordy, unfocused, repetitive, or confusing sentences, which may temporarily confuse the reader but do not impede overall understanding.

The essay contains significant spelling, grammatical, and/or mechanical errors that interfere with the reader’s understanding.

The essay contains many awkward, garbled, and/or ungrammatical sentences.

The essay displays frequent and distracting misuse of words.

The essay contains major and repeated errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling that seriously impede the reader’s understanding.

/ 20


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