Examination of an unusual family tradition

Option 1.

Examination of an unusual family tradition

Purpose: Your goal is to engage your reader in a fascinating personal story. You need to patiently establish a foundation for your story and develop a coherent pattern for your observations. Supply plenty of detailed vocabulary to appeal to a variety of senses to help your reader become a part of the story. Be sure to include a very thoughtful point. Offer an observation about this tradition that will be remembered long after the story is told.

Audience: Your reader wishes to be entertained and fully absorbed in a story. Remember that your reader will become quickly impatient if adequate detail is not offered and if a contemplative goal is not reached. Thus, this reader wishes to have a smile and a thoughtfully raised eyebrow on his face when your paper is finished. This paper is MUCH MORE than just the telling of a story. (Leave me with a distinct expression on my face, such as happiness, saddness, or anger, an a thoughtful look in my eyes!)


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