Example of media pieces that illustrate the need for more critical thinking

Example of media pieces that illustrate the need for more critical thinking.

Resources, 50 great psychology myths

Media examples of the need for critical thinking, via peerScholar (3 @ 5% = 15%):

Please keep an eye open for newspaper, magazine, or internet examples of the need for more critical thinking about psychological research. Over the course of the semester, identify three such examples. Each example will be a link to the relevant media piece, accompanied by your brief (about 250 words) written statement of what concept(s) from the text or class the media piece illustrates. Please vary the type of examples you bring select. In addition, you will record a two-minute presentation for each example, focussing on how the media piece illustrates one or more concepts from the course. For each example you will paste your written submission into peerScholar and attach the recording of your presentation as a file or provide a link to the recording. Given the recording of people’s presentations, the people making submissions in this series of peerScholar assignments are not anonymous to the group of randomly assigned peers providing feedback, who are anonymous. As in the earlier peerScholar assignments there will be a Create phase, an Assess phase, and a Reflect phase for each of the three submissions. And again, the two extreme scores ill be dropped from grade calculation and students can ask me to assess their work separately if they think they have been rated unfairly.

Developing presentation skills is an important part of a liberal education, and it also has practical benefits. We will take this opportunity to practice. However, the presentation is only your talk: you do not use slides or other visual effects; it’s just you and your phone or other device. We will explore ways to build an effective two-minute presentation before you begin this work.


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