Executive leadership

Executive leadership students are required to identify a problem during their practicum experience and develop an evidenced based solution and write about it. These papers are designed to link practicum experience problems and evidenced based solutions to AACN’s DNP Essentials (see attached document). In this course, the focus will be a policy problem or dilemma. The purpose of this policy problem paper is to illustrate a policy problem, suggest an evidenced-based means for solving the problem, or provide new insight on and remedy for the problem, as well as the clinical, research or theoretical approaches needed. Additionally, students will be required to review the DNP Essentials and determine how this in-depth look at evidenced based solutions for a policy problem in practicum meets one or more of the DNP essentials. This paper is developed in-depth, while protecting patient and organizational confidentiality. Executive leader students will most likely identify system level policy problems. Please follow the rubric (attached document) associated with this paper to ensure that you are providing the key components.


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