Exploring Biased News Articles/Outlets

Exploring Biased News Articles/Outlets

In this assignment, you will put what you learned in this module to work in online news.

Here is what to do:

Feel free to explore the websites and news outlet URLs in the list that is linked and titled “False, Misleading News Sources” provided in the Credible Research page in this module. There are hundreds to choose from.

You will explore 3 articles from each of these sites that you believe showcase and exemplify extreme bias or misleading content and use them in this paper for analysis. Your articles must be from 3 separate sites.

You will analyze and evaluate the content using the tools that were discussed in this module: denotation examples, tone, logical fallacies/errors in logic, emotionally charged language, false or misleading information or illogical conclusions/inferences. Determine if the article is using satire, fake news, conspiracy theory, extreme bias, clickbait, etc. Feel free to use quotes as examples and explain them, but do not riddle your paper with quotes: most of your paper should be your own analysis and the use of quotes where necessary. 80% analysis, 20% quoted material is a good ratio always.

Your paper will be 1,000 words and in MLA format, but do not worry about an introduction or a conclusion in this instance. However, this includes using Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spacing the paper with one inch margins, as well as using the proper header, page number, and MLA in text citation.


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