Exploring the dominant sociological theories

In this paper, you will be exploring the dominant sociological theories used throughout the course. These are functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionist theory. First, briefly describe the main tenets of each of these theories (the information provided in your textbook will be sufficient as sourcing, but do be sure to attribute as appropriate). Then, select a social issue that is interesting to you, and consider how each theory would view that social issue. For example, if you were interested in homelessness, how would functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionist theory view homelessness as a social issue? Last, conclude by describing which theory you think is most plausible for analyzing American social phenomena. This should be approximately 2-3 pages, double-spaced, in APA style. (If you need assistance brainstorming a social issue, reach out to me via email or we can discuss it during our synchronous lecture period).


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