Family Life Education_Dialogue Education

Family Life Education_Dialogue Education

Write the answers using the book “On Teaching and Learning” by Jane Vella. I uploaded Chapter 1 and 2 of the book to help you read it. The answers are based from the book ONLY but do not use quotes or references. Answers have to be in your OWN words.

Each question specifies a word minimum. Stay close to the word minimum. Answers need to be brief.

This is an assignment and not an essay. You do not have to write out the question. Please just label each answer 1,2,3, and 4

1. Choose 4 of the “F concepts” listed in Chapter 1. Describe them and provide an example for each selected concept. (50 word minimum)

2. After reading chapter 2, define Learning Needs and Resource Assessment (LNRA) and discuss why it is important in dialogue education. (50 word minimum)

3. Discuss 4 different ways to conduct a Learning Needs and Resource Assessment (LNRA). (50 word minimum)

4. Define and discuss dialogue education. (100 word minimum)


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