Fanny Campbell: Research Essay Assignment

Fanny Campbell: Research Essay Assignment

Overview – Research Paper – High Stakes Assignment – 150pts.

After reading Maturin Murray Ballou’s Fanny Campbell, The Female Pirate Captain, you will write a research paper analyzing the work based on one of the topics below. You will also create a digital project using a single Thinglink slide to accompany your paper. The Thinglinks will be featured in the JSCC Museum Project along with five selected papers.

Research Analytical Essay

Write fully developed research essay analyzing the novel based on one of the following general thematic subjects:

•             Hero’s Journey

•             Romanticism in literature

•             Historical or Fictional storytelling

•             Character Evolution(s)

•             Gender (In)Equality

•             Piracy in Early America

You will need to develop a specific topic to analyze. Use the Reading Guide Questions as a starting point to develop your ideas. Ask yourself the question(s) and then let the answer guide your thinking. Also, use the discussion posts to talk out loud about your ideas to help guide each other. You can also attend the optional Virtual Class Discussion on 10/1 to talk over ideas.

Content Requirements:

•             An essay title that indicates the essay’s topic. Note: Do not call the paper Essay or Fanny Campbell. Titles are centered and in the same font size and type as the rest of the paper.

•             An introductory paragraph that ends with a thesis sentence which states the arguable and significant claim you are making about the topic. DO NOT write a thesis sentence that says: “This work deals with religion” or “This work demonstrates problems facing women.” Be specific when stating your claim in your thesis.

•             Body paragraphs written for an audience of fellow classmates and instructors (people who have read the novel but not thought about your specific idea in depth) that directly address the topic, explore and develop your ideas, and include multiple quotations, examples, and analysis from the text AND supporting evidence from at least TWO OUTSIDE SOURCES (remember you have 2 background reading books already provided and your library class page has at least 6 more resources already pulled).

•             A conclusion paragraph answering the “So What?” or “Why Should We Care” section; present the implications of your theme and main idea. Why is it important to consider your ideas?

Technical Requirements:

•             Minimum 4 pages double spaced with proper MLA format and Standard English grammar and mechanics

•             At least two quotations from the literary work properly formatted and cited in each body paragraph (no quotations in the intro or conclusion)

•             At least three quotations from outside sources properly formatted and cited in the overall paper (but no quotations in the intro or conclusion)

•             A works cited page for the novel’s text and the two outside resources

•             Due date:  11:59pm on October 12, 2020

Format Requirements

•             Type your answer in Word (accessed through O365).  Please do no type your assignment directly in the submission box.

•             Attach your document on the Assignment Submission link in the “Unit Two Pirates!” folder.


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