Global Public Health-Alcohol and Tobacco

Global Public Health-Alcohol and Tobacco

Read chapters 8 & 9 in attached book, Globalization and Health.

After reviewing the chapter on the commercialization of alcohol and tobacco what are 2 main changes that you have observed in the marketing of alcohol and tobacco companies and two main tactics that are used to get sales? What are the health impacts of these changes and what are some global efforts that can be done to reduce the negative impact of alcohol and tobacco abuse?

a. Please provide complete answers, use citations to support your answers and provide examples and reasons for your response. Please note copying or writing word for word from the textbook will cause you to lose points. Avoiding the textbook is also a bad idea. Please use your own words to the very best of your ability.

b. Please write both the question and the response in your paper and title your paper with your first name, last name and assignment#


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