Global Terrorism

Global Terrorism

Pick your own topic for the outline

PROPOSALS (5% of Final Course Grade)

Student proposals should include:

1. the proposed topic

• identify the specific terrorist group or movement you have selected for your project

• You may select any terrorist group or movement that has left their mark in their world

since 1945

• You can use the following links as resources to find/consider organizations:

o <link is hidden> State Department, List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations:

<link is hidden> /> o Office of the Direction of National Intelligence:

<link is hidden> <link is hidden> /> 2. a brief outline of what will be investigated in the project

• While you are expected to produce your own arguments, you should consider the

following questions while approaching their topic:

o How is terrorism defined in the 20th and 21st century (legally, culturally, and


o What is the goal/purpose of your terrorist organization?

o Who considers your specific group a terrorist organization? Why?

o What are the major conclusions historians have drawn about this specific


o What can the history of this specific terrorist organization tell us about world

history since 1945?

• Based on the above questions and the preliminary research that has been completed,

write a brief outline of what will be investigated in your project

3. the preliminary list of sources

• Using MLA formatting provide your current Works Cited Page

The instructor will review proposals and accept/reject topics, providing necessary feedback and

guidance in a timely fashion.


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