Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby essay prompt.

The plot of a good story is driven by captivating characters and conflict, where the reader wants to keep flipping the pages to see how things work out. The Great Gatsby introduces three characters with strong, albeit very different, motivations: Jay Gatsby, Tom Buchanan, and Daisy Buchanan.  Much of the conflict in the novel comes from the intersection of Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy’s respective motives (what they want for themselves).Â

In a well-organized essay, discuss the motivations of each character and how they affect other characters in the novel. Make sure to have a clear thesis in the introduction – your claim about the essay topic. Also, in the body paragraphs, you must use at least one excerpt (quote and/or narration from the novel) per character and explain how it illustrates your claim.


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