I.              General Guidelines- Typewritten; double-spaced; 3-5 pages length; Citation page at the end; Essay format writing style; spelling errors and sentence formatting will be graded; common writing errors are: 1) one-sentence paragraphs (a major no-no! 2) run-on sentences – finish a thought, finish the sentence.

3) footnoting & spelling errors

4) two Magazine sources; 1 primary source for background para.)

5) selected topic/subject – 1 reference source (for background para.)

II.        Review format

A)       Historical Synopsis:

1)           Background of TOPIC (see text or library databases) and context (subtopic)

B)        Transition Paragraph: Thesis/Conclusion

1)           1st sentence – Thesis – why are you writing this paper?

2)           Introduce articles (by title or by author & briefly summarize each article

3)           Conclusion – In conclusion, I will critique the author’s using a comparison/contrast style (last sentence in this paragraph

C)       Analysis/Assessment (2 paragraphs, one paragraph for each article):

In two paragraphs, elaborate and interpret the meaning of each research source (1 paragraph for each source. Each para. will begin with a thesis statement about why the author wrote the article; then give two or three examples from each article to prove the author’s thesis statement (use past tense of verbs; quotes must be footnoted appropriately…”…Quote…” (author

These paragraphs are not the place to offer critique as that will be done in the last paragraph.

D)       Critique:

Personal and scholarly critique of the authors of the articles in a comparison/contrast style.  Things to critique include: 1) writing styles 2) adequate presentation which proved the thesis 3) author bias

All can be used to set up a comparison/contrast critique in the same sentence for each.


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