Hansel and Gretel investigation

Your task in this discussion forum is to investigate the folk tale,Hansel and Gretel, and report to us about the interesting material you find. You will investigate this fairy tale and delve into its origins. Along with this research, you may want to look at the research around folk and fairy tales and their common features across cultures and time periods. You should also look at modern variants and spin offs of some of these stories, for example, in video games, comics, movies, and even Instagram art.

Use an essay-like structure (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion). If appropriate, you may present your findings using headings and subheadings, bullet points, or a numbered list. Make sure that your paragraphs are short and well organized: you should only tackle one topic per paragraph, and you will want to divide up any long paragraphs into shorter paragraphs of approximately 3-5 sentences.


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