Health Behavior

Topic: Health Behavior

Take a look at this short case study of a woman who would like to stop smoking:

Case Study: Margie is a 19-year old woman and is pregnant with her first child. She reports that she has frequent fights with her mother-in-law and the stress makes her smoke. Her husband is a smoker and does not intend to stop. She believes that smoking is not good for her baby and wants to quit but previous attempts have failed. She is making a real attempt to smoke fewer cigarettes. Her general attitude: “I would like to stop because smoking is not good for my baby. I think it would be easier if my husband stopped. He doesn’t believe that smoking isn’t good for the baby.”

Briefly respond to the following questions in about 250 words:

1) Determine the woman’s stage of change to eliminate her children’s exposure to secondhand smoke. Tell us why you believe this is her stage of change.

2) List the pros and cons for her eliminating exposure secondhand smoke that you may need to address.

3) Select the processes of change that match with her stage and provide examples of activities/actions you could take


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