Health education on quality improvement

This paper will be a reflection base on teaching that was done to other nurses and nurse manager using zoom video call. please follow instruction and location

Submit a 2-page reflection paper on the objectives that you chose to focus on during your service learning experience.

Topic: Health education on quality improvement

Audience: Registered nurses and nurse managers at Holy-Cross Hospital fort Lauderdale Florida, 4th floor medical surgical unit

4.6 Explain the principles of quality improvement.
4.7 Outline the role of nurse leaders and managers regarding quality improvement.

Theorist/Theory: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Safety and Security

Content of the teaching: Nurses and their nurse managers are required to involve in quality improvement work as a part of their clinical practice. This presentation will focus on the principles of quality improvement and the nurse leaders role regarding quality improvement.

Distributing information with: PowerPoint presentation will be via zoom video facetime.

Learning evaluation: Will be done by asking and answering questions to the audience.

APA Format, with intext citation.


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