Policies guide to structure and ensure organizational compliance. In a broader context, national and state health care policies exist to direct organizations and populations.

Select a national or state health care policy that is currently in effect. This policy will be used to complete your research paper in the final week of the course. In preparation for your final research paper, you will complete weekly tasks that are related to the policy you have chosen.

Pre-approved research topics are available here. Alternative policies are encouraged and require instructor approval.

Complete the following:

Choose your national or state health care policy.

Develop a Statement of the Problem for your final paper (1,000–1,500 words).

A Statement of the Problem should include the general problem and the specific problem that you would like to research or address in your final paper.

Dissertation resource:

Each week, you will be presented with a different dissertation resource. The weekly dissertation resource does not need to be read in full. It should be used as a guide to keeping you on track with your work.

Phase 2 dissertation resource:

Salvador, D. (2010). Registered nurse’s perceptions and practices related to health policy. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, 145–n/a. The University of Toledo. Retrieved from <link is hidden> (757373386). HCML870 Pre-approved Research Topic List

Alternative policies are encouraged and require instructor approval.


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