You write a weekly blog called “Hidden History.” Each entry concerns a cultural artifact that was once popular, and had a significant impact upon American society, but is either misunderstood or forgotten today.

Write a blog entry about one of the songs from Lesson 02, each of them well known and influential in its time. Wake up your reader to this song, its original purpose, and its impact on and meaning for the society, culture or politics of its time.

This should not be long — at least three paragraphs, total of 300-500 words or so (excluding any text that you quote –but you can assume the reader has access to the song, or at least the text).

Don’t be afraid to appeal to your readers’ emotions, BUT — be concise and clear. Don’t repeat yourself. Don’t ramble. Stick to your point. Omit needless words. Be specific. If you use any of the words “interesting,” “amazing” or “iconic,” or the phrases “due to” (incorrectly) or “being that,” “the fact that” or “as regards to,” or the adverbs “Overall,” “Additionally,” or “Personally,”I will give you a zero.

If you quote any song lyrics, make sure you know how to format them. It’s the same as quotations of poetry.

Look stuff up, don’t make stuff up. Be accurate and complete with your facts. Remember, it’s a history blog, and history enthusiasts want precise dates, names, and places. A blog writer is also a journalist, and what’s the first thing they teach in journalism school? Ever heard of Who? What? When? Where? Why? Write those questions down and check them off, making sure you’ve accounted for them all in your essay.


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