how changes in economic factors are driving the decrease in European demand for automobiles


The article: “No Traction: Europe’s Car Makers Spin their Wheels” by Vanessa Fuhrmans. The article appeared in The Wall Street Journal on October 1, 2013. Instructions for obtaining the article from the CSUF online library database are provided below.
Your assignment consists of writing a short essay discussing how changes in economic factors are driving the decrease in European demand for automobiles. You may use as references the article, your textbook, and your class notes. Note that any collaboration among students on writing this paper will be considered a violation of the honor code.
Step 1: Print out and read carefully the short article assigned. Print out and read carefully this instruction sheet.
Step 2: Follow the instructions below carefully.
Obtaining the Article
Go to the library web site using your student portal. Click on the tab Find Databases. Use?Factiva. Once you are on Factiva, go to the search tab and type the full title of the article in the?search box. Click on the box for article and print using article format. Please let me know in class if you are having any trouble obtaining the article.
Your essay must incorporate the points listed below.
1. Please provide two paragraphs summarizing the main points raised by the authors, in YOUR OWN WORDS. These paragraphs will serve as an introduction to your essay.
2. In your own words, focus now on the economic content of the article. More specifically, refer to particular sentences or phrases in the article to identify at least three of the key?determinants of demand discussed in class as they pertain to the demand for automobiles?in Europe. Be sure to explain how each sentence or phrase illustrates the particular ?determinant of demand.
3. Use a supply/demand diagram to illustrate ONE of the three cases you have selected.
4. Compare the automobile market in Europe with the automobile market in the United States. Identify two key differences between these markets.

Assignment Details/Rules (not following these requirements will FOR SURE negatively impact your


5. Your submission should be no longer than TWO PAGES, STAPLED. Please DO NOT use folders, cover sheets, or binders. Do not include Reference section either.
6. All work you submit MUST BE done ENTIRELY using the computer, including graphs. Use Times New Roman Font, 12 point, one-inch margins on all sides, and single space. Leave one blank line between paragraphs in your write-up. Do not indent paragraphs. On both pages, create a header where you will include your name and the class section/time in the top right corner.
Deadlines (not respecting these deadlines will FOR SURE negatively impact your grade)
If you would like to get some feedback and a chance to revise your work before final submission, you may turn in a draft, submitting a hard copy of your paper to me in class by and no later than November 21. No late submission of the draft will be accepted. I will return the draft to you no later than December 5 with a tentative grade and, if needed, recommendations on how you may improve your grade. You will then have 1 (one) week to incorporate the suggested changes in the final draft (due December 12 in class). If you decide to revise, it is expected that you will use the feedback received from me on the first draft to improve your writing and analytical skills in the final draft.
If you are satisfied with the grade assigned to the draft, you will submit your original paper (the one with my feedback/comments) back to me on the last week of class, and no later than the final deadline of December 12. If you are not satisfied with your grade, you will submit the original paper (the original that contains my comments) and the revised paper by December 12. You must submit the original and the revised paper together, stapled.
If you choose not to submit a draft, you must turn in your paper in class by December 12.
No late submissions of either draft paper or final paper will be accepted.
Your grade on this assignment will be determined by the accuracy of your analysis, the quality of your writing (which includes correct use of language and grammar), and by your adherence to all the above described requirements.


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