How to apply your writing skills outside of an English class.

Write a Self-evaluation.

Evaluate yourself as a writer. Yes, it’s a personal narrative. This essay will be in chronological order, please evaluate your writing from the beginning of our course to towards the end. Analyze yourself as a writer, what were your weakness, struggles, challenges when you first came to this class and or your writing intensive course. Think back to past English classes here at Sac State, maybe a community college or even high school. Then transition to where you see yourself now, what has improved? Is there anything you are still struggling on or working through now? If so what, elaborate. This paper should address not only your strengths and weaknesses, but I want to see how you will incorporate these new skills in your discipline or line of work.


• Minimum of two to three pages (at least 750 words)

• Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font. MLA format.

• One-inch margins

• Divided into paragraphs so there is a beginning, middle, and an end


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