How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Review the 3 articles below and complete the required assignment.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

How Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Productivity

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work (<link is

This week’s articles focuses on emotional intelligence. You have 3 parts to this assignment.

Part 1: Executive Summary – summarize the main points of emotional intelligence

Part 2: Strengths/Weaknesses – analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the argument

Part 3: Critique – These articles present various arguments about emotional intelligence and its value in the workplace. Do you know someone with high emotional intelligence? What type of leader is this person? What type of manager? Do you consider this person to be successful? How do you rate yourself on your own emotional intelligence? What areas do you think you need to grow and further develop?

The technical requirements for this assignment:

A minimum of 3 single spaced pages (6 double spaced) – approximately 1 page per part

Follow APA guidelines

Include sources to support and defend your argument


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