How to write a high-quality essay

High_quality essay

Writing a high-quality essay is something that does not augur well with most of the student’s genes. It runs their moods down, and it pressures them because most of the students will always handle their academic work during the last minutes. This has therefore led to the continued delivery of low-quality essays which compromise or rather negatively contributes to the final grades. To have a high-quality essay, there are several factors that one has to put into consideration and they include;

Choosing a high-quality essay topic

In most cases, the instructors will issue the students with a topic to work on. Just in case one has to choose, the student should pick a topic and have it assessed by a friend to make sure that it carries more weight and it will have a great impact on the readers. The focus of the topic should be narrowed down as possible to make sure that the content is specific and to the point.

 Preparing the content outline

A student prepares the content outline by putting down all the ideas down and linking them to create meaning.  Some students also put the topic in the middle, and they make a diagram of all the ideas supporting the message out clearly surrounding the main idea. This helps in ensuring that the ideas are arranged chronologically.

Writing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is very important in an essay as it helps a student bring out the main point of the essay. A thesis statement, therefore, makes it easy to convince the reader that the message contained in the essay of great importance.

Writing the body of your essay

The body contains all the ideas outlined earlier expounded and supported by other researchers information. It is important to recognize other authors work used in the student’s essay to avoid plagiarism which is one of the major crimes in academic writing. This is done by using in-text citations which outlines the authors and their publications. The in-text citations vary with the academic writing style used.

Writing introduction

The introduction captures the reader’s attention as it helps identify the gap that the essay is talking about and explains or rather breaks down the scenario in a way that makes it easy for the reader to have a rough idea of what they expect in the body of the essay.

Writing a conclusion

The conclusion is used, to sum up, all the ideas and come up with a final stand as was the main reason for writing the essay in the first place. A well-structured conclusion should contain five strong statements which have a solid stand and summing up the ideas discussed in the essay.

Doing the final editing

An essay is considered complete after all the small and critical ideas are assessed and streamlined. This starts with grammar, structuring of sentences, plagiarism, in-text citations, formatting the paper in the style recommended as well as making sure that the essay brings out the main idea intended to be discussed in the first place.

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