Howard’s vision of The Garden City concept

Howard’s vision of The Garden City concept

This assignment requires submission of an essay Proposal, stating the topic and briefly explaining why it has been chosen, well before the essay itself is due. Proposals should be no longer than a half-page (single-spaced) and are to be uploaded to Quercus by midnight Sunday, October 18. Late proposals not accepted.​
Write a research paper, based on published academic literature, on one of the following topic-questions. Basic bibliographies are provided for each. If fully and carefully considered these short bibliographies should be sufficient for a top-notch essay, but students are free to go beyond them to other published material. Unless otherwise stated, all titles in these bibliographies are available on-line through the UTL catalogue.​

2. The Garden City concept, conceived in England by Ebenezer Howard in the 1890s, spread rapidly to Europe and North America, then to parts of South America and Asia. To what extent were these non-English garden cities faithful to Howard’s vision?

Stephen Ward, ed., The Garden City Past Present and Future, various essays (Spon 1992)<link is hidden> Home, ‘Town Planning and Garden Cities in the British Colonial Empire, 1910-1940’, Planning Perspectives 5 (1990): 23-37

Arturo Almandoz, ‘The Garden City in Early twentieth-century Latin America’, Urban History, 31, 3 (2004): 437-52

Shun-Ichi J. Watanabe, ‘Garden City Japanese Style: The Case of Den-en Toshi Company 1918-1928’, in Shaping an Urban World, ed. Gordon E. Cherry (St Martins Press, 1980) [digital copy accessible through UTL’s temporary Hathi Trust service]

Steven V. Ward, ‘Re-examining the International Diffusion of Planning’, Chapter 3 in Urban Planning in a Changing World, Robert Freestone, ed. (Routledge, 2000)​


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