Human’s resources



Human’s resources

Individual Research Project

Fall 2020

This assignment takes the same form as the group research project except you will do the work yourself. Pick one topic from the list and write a paper with three suggestions from Best Practices using scholarly research sources that would help any company to improve in these areas.

You will post your topic on the discussion board and only one person may have a topic. Therefore, be sure you have a second or third choice when you go to post your topic.

The topics I have selected include:

Human resources – training

Human resources – recruiting

Human resources –global team management

Customer Service – training

Customer Service – web based

Customer Service – social media

Customer Service – cross cultural issue management

Data Security – customer data

Data Security – company data

Data Security – Risks of the Future

Data Security – global management issues

Information Technology – future trends

Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence

Information Technology – Social Media Privacy

Information Technology – Implementing Virtual Reality in Training

Information Technology – Using Technology for Recruiting

Marketing – Advertising

Marketing – Social media

Marketing – Niche markets gender,

Marketing – Niche markets- culture

Marketing    Niche market- age

Marketing – Cross cultural issues inside the US

Marketing               Cross cultural issues US firms marketing to other countries

Your paper will be 10 pages EXCLUDING the references.

You will use 12-point type and double space the pages.

You will have an introduction, a literature review, * three suggestions (all with scholarly resources) and a conclusion.


The introduction must focus on your topic and explain what it is and why it is important to business and/or government. This section will be 1 – 2 pages in length.

Literature Review* This is a new section not required in group paper

The Lit Review comes from your Annotated Bibliography, which is a list of all your sources along with information about how those sources apply to your topic. The Lit Review takes that information and turns into several paragraphs that discusses what the scholars have said about your topic. For this section, you will include both the three scholarly and other more general sources. This section will be about 2-3 pages in length.

You will have a minimum of 6 resources. Three must be scholarly. Three may be general. You may have more and indeed if you wish to get an A you should have more.

All you suggestions will be in the same topic area. All the areas are big enough to have three suggestions.


This section will contain three best practice suggestions based on the literature that you have included in the Lit Review. Your three suggestions will apply the literature to the topic you have chosen and will demonstrate creative and critical thinking in the choices you make and how you explain your choices.  This section will be about 3 – 4 pages.


In this section you will summarize your suggestions and make concluding remarks about your topic. This is the only section where there is a small amount of room for your own opinion.  You may say what you think the future brings based on the experts research.

The paper is due Week 10 and you will present a PowerPoint based on this paper Week 11.

Paper and Reference page must follow APA format.

Reference Page

You must include sources both in-text and in the Reference List. This page does not count toward the total page count.


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