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Task: This essay asks you to develop your own definition of the term “identity.” There are many ways to go about writing this assignment, but: I am not asking you to restate the dictionary’s definition of identity. I am asking you to define it on your own terms.

Begin your essay by introducing the topic. It may be useful for you to start with a personal anecdote, for instance; or, you might begin by setting up a contrast and identifying what the term “identity” is not. One way or another, your opening paragraph should clearly introduce your topic and at the same time should grab your readers’ attention.

At the end of your introduction, state your thesis. In this case, your thesis is your definition. It should succinctly summarize your central idea and should connect all of your body paragraphs. It may help to list your supporting points in your thesis.

Develop your definition in 3 supporting paragraphs. These body paragraphs should each tackle one main idea that should be developed in detail.

Title: Come up with a title that is exciting, original, and that accurately reflects the subject of your essay. Avoid generic titles like “Essay 1,” “Definition Essay,” “What is Identity?” or “My Identity.”

Writer, each paragraph won’t be long with my word count. Probably only a few sentences. I basically need intro with thesis, and supporting body paragraphs explaining the key points.


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