Impact of Social Psychology in resolving the conflict. Explain

The outcomes of conflict, when we believe the situation has been resolved, are often the exact causes of future conflict. If we study current conflicts, we tend to see the issues are linked through time. Overcoming the legacy of conflict, whether personal, social, or international, is critical in successful post-conflict resolution.
SCENARIO: You are the assistant to the lead manager on a small team of conflict resolution specialists hired by the United Nations to help promote dialogue between two opposing sides of a hypothetical civil war that ended ten years ago. However, ethnic, religious, territorial, and disputes over resources remain high and tensions in quickly escalating. Leaders from the two sides of this conflict will be meeting with your group in the upcoming weeks.
YOUR TASK: You have been asked to prepare a paper in which you discuss how concepts and knowledge from the following areas you have studied in this course can be utilized in the mediation process. Please address the following:
1. Impact of Social Psychology in resolving the conflict
2. The influence of Dynamical System(s) in resolving the conflict
3. Your plan (strategies) to positively manage the aftermath of the conflict
4. You are also encouraged to include any other external research needed to help your manager with the peacebuilding mission between the two conflicting entities
Make sure your paper has an introduction (with purpose statement), main points in the body of the paper, and an overall conclusion. Build support in your paper with background material including library sources that use the terms we discussed in the conflict resolution.


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