In a 3-page paper (3 pages minimum) write an analysis Judith Ortiz Cofer’s memoir, Silent

In a 3-page paper (3 pages minimum) write an analysis Judith Ortiz Cofer’s memoir, Silent

Dancing, where you discuss her artistic aim and the way she accomplishes that. In other words,

what do you think she was trying to accomplish with this memoir? How does the poetry and

prose work together in this memoir to achieve her aim?

You MUST also include ONE secondary source from those provided to you on Blackboard, which

you reference in your paper. This means your paper should have a Works Cited page, which

does not count toward your three pages. It comes after all your writing is done on it’s own

separate page.

Any, and all writing you have done prior to the final draft CAN be used for this paper. If you are

not sure what the difference between a summary and analysis is see below. A grading rubric is

also provided on Blackboard.

Everything you need, and which we have covered….

Reading questions to consider for your paper. DO NOT answer them in paragraphs. They are

meant to help you get writing.

1. How does Cofer negotiate her bi-cultural identity?

2. How do readers understand the difference between Puerto Rico and Patterson, NJ?

3. How does she experience language? What does it mean to her?

4. What role does her family play in her sense of self?

5. Is her use of poetry and prose effective? What difference does it make in the way you,

the reader, experience her story?

6. Discuss the role of storytelling in the development of her identity.


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