Scenario of Case Study:
You are working as a nurse in the Emergency Department when Emma, a 3-month-old girl is brought in by her mother Jamie, with a 12-hour history of vomiting and lethargy for investigation. On examination, Emma is difficult to rouse and does not remain awake as you take her vital signs. Emma is noted to have several small, oval shaped bruises to her torso, as well as bruising to the occiput. When asked how the bruises occurred, Jamie is vague, saying that Emma rolled off the couch last night. As you are completing your assessment, Emma experiences a seizure, requiring transfer to the resuscitation bay.
Assignment Question: Accurately analyses data to identify aspects of the scenario which may indicate abuse.
The structure:
• Introduction (30 words)
• Body of assignment (450 words; each paragraph around 150 words).:
Discuss the potential impact of abuse on the development and wellbeing of the infant. (750 words; each paragraph around 150 words).
The discussion should be including these points (very important; you should be clear with these points):
1- Identify factors in Emma’s presentation that may indicate that she has been abused.
2- Using an evidence -based approach, assess symptoms, functional status, and risk in children.
3- Consider aspects of the scenario which may indicate that abuse is occurring. You are encouraged to think beyond physical indicators of abuse, to consider other aspects of this scenario which would increase your suspicion of abuse.
• Each paragraph should commence with a topic sentence and end with a link to the next paragraph, and show a logical progression of ideas/argument.
• Each sentence should be by intext citation.
• Use professional literature to support your discussion, References needs to be between 2013 – 2017 (journal article or Books – Peer reviewed), using APA Style. (the number of resources are 4 references).
• conclusion (30 words


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