infectious diseases

infectious diseases

Discussion Question

• Choose two infectious diseases and analyze how they are spread, using the chain of

infection. Discuss the means of transmission, chain of infection, and how the chain of

infection was interrupted as well as what public health were taken. Properly cite your

sources using APA style.

o Examples are AIDS, rabies, cryptosporidiosis, cholera, malaria, smallpox,


Discussion Rubric

Quality of the Content: (just like the essay: covers topics, shows understanding of

key concepts accurately in each section)

Follows the directions for structure


Writing skills*

This is the list of required pages:

-Title page


-Body paragraph (Minimum 300 Words)


-References page

Structure of the content: (did you follow the directions for each section?)

Paragraph for Introduction (at least 3 sentences)

Paragraph for Content

Conclusion that summarizes the main content (at least 3 sentences)

APA- ( correct title page; correct in-text citations; correct reference

page with correctly formatted citations)

Must use APA 6th edition formatting the title page, in-text citations, and references


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