Internet violence?

TOPIC -Internet violence?
HMS 223 Social Policy and Program Planning

Guidelines for Research Paper
(Problem/Area of Concern)

Define what the problem, issue or concern that you are going to address in your research paper. (Ex: homelessness, domestic violence, probation, residential treatment for youth, human trafficking, bullying, child poverty, teen violence, etc.)

History of the Social Problem– Give a history of the problem in the United States
(Trace the history of relevant <link is hidden> social policy and discuss key social political and economic factors that influence these policies.)

• How and when was the social condition identified as a problem?
• How has it been addressed over the years?
• How has the national approach to the problem changed over the years?

• How large is the problem in terms of how many people are affected?
• Is the problem increasing or decreasing?
• Who is affected by this problem/issue?

Current Policies Addressing the Social Problem
• How is the issue being addressed?
• Discuss any legislation or regulations currently in place to address the social problem.
• You can include any current national movements, coalitions,

State of Delaware– History of the problem in the state of Delaware

• Historically, what has been done in Delaware to address this problem?
• What local resources currently exist to address the problem?
• What current and pending legislation addresses this problem?
• Evaluate the effectiveness of current and pending legislation.

Paper should: (see grading rubric for full list of requirements)
• Be between 6 – 8 pages (body of paper)
• Be typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 size font, Times New Roman.
• Have a cover page that includes Running head, page number, title, your name, due date and course.
• APA in-text citations.
• Have a reference page that follows APA guidelines.
• Have references from scholarly, reputable resources


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