Interview Synthesis Essay

Interview Synthesis Essay

The Assignment: After completing your two interviews, integrate content from the interviews into an essay to synthesize key information.

General Topic: Sports

Specific Topic: Should college athletes receive compensation outside of their scholarship for playing collegiate sports?

Interviews: What are the recent debates regarding college athletes receiving compensation (outside of their scholarships) for playing collegiate sports?

I interviewed TayJon Martin (see attached) and I interviewed Germome Williams (see attached)

their interview transcripts MUST be included in the essay paper.

Please see the attached grading Rubric.

Proposal Letter: Letter to the NCAA Commissioner requesting college athletes be compensated for participating in collegiate sports and generating income for college universities.

Researched Argument: Do college athletes bring in an abundance amount of income revenue through collegiate sports? Should college athletes be compensated for their participation in collegiate sports?

When deciding how to arrange interview content into an essay and which content to include, consider the following: ( I will upload 2 interviews that should be included in the Essay)

o Taken as a whole, what have the interviews taught you about the issues or factors of your research topic? What community problems connect to the research topic? What are debatable areas within the topic?

o What similarities are apparent in the interviews? What differences?

o In light of what you have learned from interviewing two stakeholders about your research topic, what conclusions can you draw?

o Use the answers to the above questions to develop a thesis (main point) for your essay. Then, use quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from the interviews as support for that thesis.

The essay should have the following components:

• An introduction that gives information about the identity and credentials of the interviewees, an overview of the research topic, and a thesis (see above).

• Body paragraphs that incorporate quotes, summaries, and paraphrases from the interviews in support of the thesis. Use signal phrases to lead into quotes and transitional words and phrases to guide readers through the essay.

• A conclusion that wraps up the main points of the essay and looks ahead to future research.


• Length: Minimum 825 words. There is not a set number of paragraphs required, but your main ideas should be divided into paragraph topics. The essay should not be one long paragraph.

• Typeface: 12-point, standard professional typeface such as Times New Roman

• Spacing: Double

• Margins: 1-inch

• Header: Four lines with your name, instructor’s name, date, and course

• Title: Centered on line after header. Title should be specific to your topic and not a generic label such as Interview Essay.


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