Interview with a Pastor (Worship Service)

Interview with a Pastor (Worship Service)


Students will interview two pastors from diverse worship traditions (not from the church he/she regularly attends) in order to learn about differing approaches to worship design. Each student will develop his/her own interview questions based on the performance indicators for the assignment. Each student will then write a 1,000 – 1,500 word summary and reflection and assessment paper on the two interviews he/she conducted. The summary and reflection and assessment paper will be posted in the online course center.

The writeup should be double-spaced and formatted in Times New Romans, 12 point font, with a 1-inch margin around the page. Gender-inclusive language should be used when not referring to a specific person. Electronic submission in Word is required to submit to Canvas. Points will be subtracted from the final grade of the essay for failure to abide by formatting rules. Additional form and style guidelines are listed below.


Interviews must be done with pastors not part of the local church where the student regularly attends or leads weekly worship. Summary and reflection of the pastor interviews should evidence perceptive and insightful engagement with the following performance indicators:

Design: The way decisions are made about the content of worship.

Structure: The liturgical flow of worship.

Calendar: The rhythms, patterns, and/or practices of time in worship.

Leadership: The people involved in both the planning and leading of worship.

Sacrament: The value for and practice of the sacraments in the worshiping life of the church.


The interview summary and reflection/assessment should attend to the following writing, language usage, and grammar issues:

Write in complete sentences.

Write in paragraphs. A paragraph should contain one central idea or thesis that all the

other sentences in the paragraph support.

Each interview summary and reflection should utilize an introductory and a

concluding paragraph.

Use clear transitions between paragraphs and to connect sentences.

The interview summary and reflection should be written as a conceptual whole with

clarity as to how the separate components relate to each other and work together in accomplishing the purposes of this assignment.

As you discuss your convictions and commitments in response to the assignment, it is appropriate to use the first person singular pronoun, I.

Please do not use the pronouns: we, us and you. While the use of these pronouns are appropriate for the conversational tone for the speeches/sermons the work written for this class should reflect an academic tone or quality. Writing without these pronouns will keep the paper from reflecting a colloquial, informal, or devotional quality. Remember that you are not addressing an audience or preaching; rather, you are writing for academic purposes.

Eliminate the freestanding use of the words, “this” or “that” apart from the noun the word modifies and your writing will exhibit greater clarity.

Eliminate the use of contractions for formal academic writing.

Use your computer spell check and grammar check. Have another person proofread

your work, give your proofreader permission to be ruthless!


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