Intro into Health Disparities and Health Equity

Intro into Health Disparities and Health Equity

In no more than 500 words please respond to the following prompt:

The National Institute for Children’s Health Quality recently developed a strategy for combating racism in health care settings, called the Equity Empowered System. You learned about this in the assigned webinar this week, and can review a shorthand version

Consider a health system you are very familiar with. This may be a system you work in, a system that you have engaged with as a patient, or any other health care system you have interacted with frequently.

1. What is your relationship with this system? A generic description is fine “I am an employee/patient”)

2. Do you think this system most closely fits a Savior-Designed, Ally, or Equity Empowered model? Explain.

3. Suggest and describe 2-3 specific actions this system to could take to follow an Equity Empowered model. Be specific and detail how your health system would do this (for example, rather than say “share power in decision-making with underrepresented groups – explain what actions the system could take to manifest this and with which groups.)

4. How might an Equity Empowered health care system change the patient experience? What changes in patient outcomes would you expect to see?


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