Intro to Asia

Intro to Asia

The German philosopher Hegel believed that China—its politics, economy, society, culture—changed little over the course of history. Based on what we have learned so far this semester, and especially your reading of Jacques Gernet’s Daily Life in China, do you agree with this view? If so, what explains this extraordinary continuity? If not, how would you characterize China’s changes in one or more of the periods we have studied? This is a potentially very large subject. Be certain to construct a focused argument that examines specific areas of change or continuity.

Your narrative must be based on evidence from Daily Life in China, other assigned readings as appropriate, and lecture notes. None other than assigned sources may be used. You must cite your evidence properly, using the name of the source and the page number(s). Your essay should be approximately 4-5 pages, in Times Roman 12-point font. Cite the readings using a short parenthetical format, for example: (Genet, p. 25)


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