Irish Immigrant Letters

Irish Immigrant Letters

As you read the letters, think about what emerges as the main concerns of the letter writers.

For your discussion post, pick a quotation from one of the letters that you think illustrates one of those concerns. Discuss the quotation: what does it tell you about the hopes, fears, or priorities of the writer. (Be sure to begin your post with the quotation).

reply to these 2 posts ( only if you have enough space to do so)

Letter #1- Catherine Bradley is writing to her uncle, “I was very fortunate in getting a good situation so soon as I

did. Many thanks to Master Richard Yeats, who has proved as good a friend as my own brother could have been to me, and hope I shall never be forgetful of his kindness.” In this letter Catherine seems to be very content with how she’s living. She mentions how the people are how they are back home and how she’s been given a lot of tasks to get done. The only thing the writer is really anxious about is just seeing how all are doing back home. She does touch base on how some people had to go into quarantine- but throughout the letter she emphasizes on how lucky she got to be in a good situation. She mentions how she feels happy and content in her new living situation. I think her priorities for right now are just hearing back from everybody in her family. I feel as though some got very fortunate and some didnt.

Letter 3: Bryan Clancy and sister to Mother and brother, St. john, New Brunswick, November 17, 1847

When Reading these passages, i developed a sense of truly what was a major concern from all the passages, It seems to be a concern for sickness and jobs. Mentioned in this passage “Sorry for that we cannot Send any relief to you But this place is Different to our opinions at home any new pasengers except the[y]have friends before them are in Distress its very [hard] to get work here except them that are in Steady employment The government are about to Send all the passengers that were Sent out here by Lord Pamistown and Sir Robert Home again Because [they] are sure that all of them that did not perish that the[y] surely will this Winter” It shows a deep concern for how bad the sickness is and within almost every paragraph another person has died. And for the job concern, if you get sick it may be very troublesome because like mentioned they are sending people back home, so it is luck of the draw if you can stay away from the sickness and have a steady job with a good wage. I also see a concern for these people on hearing back from family in this passage mentioned that they wish to be home bad, and they want to hear back from family as soon as possible.


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