Issues with police leadership and it’s effects on the African American community

Issues with police leadership and it’s effects on the African American community

Scholarly references ONLY since 2015. No outdated references or .coms allowed!

CRMJ 530 Administrative Challenges

Grading Requirements

Points Earned


Select a functional role in one of the three major components of criminal justice administration—police, courts, or corrections—and describe what you consider the major issues and satisfactions of that particular role. A section should be dedicated to a discussion surrounding if your undergraduate degree and prior learning has helped prepare you? If not, what might improve your appreciation?

Overall Feedback:

Included information on the following principles of management:

·A Thesis should be included in your introduction

· Implications of Leadership and management as a whole should be addressed including African Americans.

· Describe your perceived leadership style. Discuss how your style would benefit the functional role you have chosen within your concentration.

· Statistical language included

* The paper included in-text citations and met the minimum/maximum words of 1050 to 1900 words. Included 4 credible references.

Adherence to the minimum requirements of APA was met. A title and reference page was included. Proper in-text citations attributed to the source. The usage of tables, figures, etc. are consistent to APA.

The mechanics of the paper were clear. The paper was free of grammar and spelling errors. Punctuations were properly placed throughout the assignment.


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