Jonathan kozol chapter review and essay practice

Jonathan kozol chapter review and essay practice

– Using Jonathan Kozol’s book: savage inequalities refer to chapter 3 for this assignment.

-Use chapter 3 from Jonathan Kozol’s book. Then, use the article listed: “The Geography of Inequality: Why Separate Means Unequal in American Public Schools” written by John R. Logan, Elisabeta Minca, and Sinem Adar.

-the essay is going to be about comparing and contrasting one or more ideas from both passages.

-For this assignment develop a tentative thesis. It must illustrate very clearly how the two readings are connected. It is possible for you to show that the two readings are very similar, that they are very different, or that they are similar in some ways but different in others.

-Next, A clear outline with a listing of the main idea for each planned paragraph in the paper. Link with outline guide:


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