Key Business 231 Homework #8 25 points Total

Key  Business 231 Homework #8   25 points Total

You should also complete the required readings. Be sure to observe the homework submission procedures in the Introduction to Course Module. Go beyond the textbook and presentation definitions. Answer questions in an essay format. Document any sources of quoted or paraphrased material or outside information, including the textbook. Detailed responses are required.

1.            Describe the three innovation strategies that managers implement for changing products and technologies. (5 points)

2.            Summarize the organization development (OD) stages of unfreezing, changing, and refreezing, and define large-group interventions. (5 points)

3.            Identify some reasons people frequently resist change. (5 points)

4.            Why do you think research has shown that idea champions are so essential to the initiation of change? Could they be equally important for implementation? (5 points)

5.            You are a manager, and you believe the expense reimbursement system for salespeople is far too slow, taking weeks instead of days. How would you go about convincing other managers that this problem needs to be addressed? (5 points)


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