LLP foresight &strategy new Group

The module is 100% group work with two assessments consisting of:
? 70% Foresight and Strategy Scenarios Presentation
? 30% Peer Feedback
Assignments and Submission . You are required to design future scenarios. For this you will create a multimedia piece such as a video/film/comic-strip/animation that tells stories about future(s) for a selected business sector, product/service, culture, demographic or location.
It is expected that you will go through these following stages:
1. conduct research to identify and evidence the key forces / trends relevant to the area of interest and the relevant drivers that shape the future, based on a good understand of the macro level environment (PEST) and its relevance to the strategy;
2. develop scenarios using foresight cards, with reference to the levels of likelihood and impact to the selected area of interest;
3. use design tools to develop personas/characters;
4. and use stories to make meanings of the scenarios and to visualize how the
characters interacts with the future;
5. prototype your scenario considering multiple user perspectives
6. visualize the future and present your future vision.


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