Lobsters vs trigger fish

Lobsters vs trigger fish

Many of you are struggling with spending time observing and, apparently, with the very nature of observation.

For the purposes of this assignment, it means what you see and hear. You will also have to do some thinking.

This is a VERY short video on a non-human topic, but we will be doing a series of quickly up to watching people.

Your task is to take MANY timestamps, and to divide EVERY DETAIL into one of three columns. You will use a table as illustrated below. The table must have lines. My suggestion is to do it in Word or some other word processor then cut and paste it into the text box here. Then PROOFREAD it and stare at it to make sure your spacing looks good, your columns have headers, etc. Read ALL of the instructions. You haven’t yet gotten to the important part.

Timestamp Natural Environment Infrastructure What animals are doing Other (eg. plants or commentary)

People who want full points on this will have many timestamps. In fact, I urge you to stop the video every 5 seconds, state what you saw, then record a new timestamp, go 5 seconds again, and repeat.

Natural Environment = non human-made, includes behavior of water, clouds, sand, the existence of water, clouds, sand, rock and anything else that’s natural and non-human made because we use a different term for what humans make and that term is

Infrastructure. While humans are part of nature, the things they make (inanimate objects) are considered infrastructure. Buildings, roads, stop signs, parking lots, docks, ships, cars – anything that’s intended to be permanent or has become permanent or semi-permanent (lasting more than a lifetime of an average human in that culture). (Hint: there won’t be much or any infrastructure in this video so you will get to skip that column on this beginning exercise).

The rest should be self-explanatory. The third column (what animals are doing, whether human or non-human) is the most important. This is the first of several of this type of assignment, but I will not be giving these instructions again, you can refer back to them as needed.

Here’s the video:

Lobsters Vs Trigger Fish | Trials Of Life | BBC Earth

To get full points you need 36 rows. If the animals are still doing the same thing and the sand and the water is stlil doing EXACTLY the same thing, then you cut and paste your prior observation into the next cell, you do not skip it.


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