Management Research Methods

Management Research Methods Assessment guidance

Scenario: You have been employed by the Marketing department at UDOL (University of Derby Online) and requested by your manager to collect data from the graduates of business programmes who have completed their degree within the past 2 years. Your goal is to evaluate the satisfaction rate of students and their career progression after completion of the studies.


• Formulate an overarching aim and 3-5 objectives for the research. Those objectives

should help you achieve the aim.

• What research design would you choose?

• What methods would be appropriate for the chosen design?

• How small/large your sample will be?

• Discuss your sampling technique.

• How the data collected can be used in marketing the programme in the future?

Remember that each answer must be justified. Academic literature, <link is hidden> methodology/ research/

methods textbooks should be used to support your methodological choices.

Suggested Books:

How to research

Book by Loraine Blaxter; Christina Hughes; Malcolm Tight 2010

Essentials of research design and methodology

Book by Geoffrey R. Marczyk; David DeMatteo; David Festinger c2005

Research methods for business students

Book by M. N. K. Saunders; Philip Lewis; Adrian Thornhill 2019


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