Mandatory Arrest for Domestic Violence

Mandatory Arrest for Domestic Violence

Paper is to provide the reader with a synopsis of the policy’s or program’s

history, purpose, goals, target population, and activities or elements; include

the following information on paper:

a description or definition of the program or policy, including a brief discussion of the

scope of the problem that the policy or program is trying to address

A discussion of the history of the program or policy including why, where, and when it

was created.

A discussion of the purpose or goal of the program or policy what is it designed to

accomplish, who or what is it targeting)

A discussion of the elements of the program, including activities or actions designed to

accomplish the program’s goals

• summarize three (3) empirical studies (aka scholarly, peer-reviewed

sources) that have evaluated how effective the program or policy has been in achieving its

goals. For each study include the following information:

A summary of the research question examined (what?)

A summary of the population examined (who? where?)

A summary of how the data was obtained type of information collected/how, surveys, interviews, etc.)

A summary of the findings

A brief discussion of any significant limitations to the findings


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